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Geek Squad Protection Plans

Want to keep your phone at the mint condition just like the day of purchase? Nothing can be better than Geek Squad Protection Plans to keep your devices secured during the course of use. Most importantly, when you’re covered under our protection plans, no repairing services can go heavy on your pocket!

Be it a cracked screen of your phone or motherboard problem of your laptop- our Geek Squad Support team renders the high-end services for all your gadget issues. Even you may get free of cost services when you’ve availed certain protection plans. Learn more about our exclusive offerings below.

Geek Squad

Know about Geek Squad Protection Plans

Geek squad offers a package of plans that goes beyond the manufacturer’s warranty and extends your warranty coverage and protects your purchase.

Accidental damage protection plan of Geek Squad: We can rescue you from spending in unintentional damage to your device. So, you can avoid costly repair charges or replacements.

Protection plan of Geek squad: Geek squad gives your product protection, which is beyond the manufacturer’s warranty. It covers parts, reliable services, and 24X7 support too. 

Replacement plan from Geek Squad: Replacement plan of Geek Squad provides you the coverage and offers full replacement of the replacement plan covered product. Are you stuck into an argument regarding your replacement plan? Place a call, and we will immediately bring you out from the tough situation. 

Home membership: Geek Squad offers home membership for entire devices in your home to enjoy the plan coverage for each of your home appliances. Did your soundbar stop work? This is also an issue that will be addressed with perfection by us. 

There are more which aren’t limited to this list of plans. Want to know about all of our Geek Squad protection plans? Get in touch with our Geek Squad tech support team. Even if you want to cancel any of your active plans, connect with us by following the below process.

How to cancel the plans of the Geek Squad?

Geek squad also gives you the freedom to cancel the Best Buy offers or protection plans at any time for any reasons.

Follow these simple steps to cancel your Geek Squad protection-

  • Find your original receipt and contract documents. Then dial the Geek Squad customer support number and provide the required details like plan number, item number, purchase date, and store number.
  • Tell the executive to cancel your plan and provide the reasons for canceling it. After canceling ask the executive about your refund amount.
  • For the plans which demand advance payment, there is a prorated amount that can be received for the remaining time of the GSP plan. For example, if you have purchased a two-year program and had canceled after one year, then half of the amount should be refunded. But if you repair any device within this period, an amount should be deducted.
  • For the plans you are paying yearly with your credit card, if you cancel this, then the early payment should be refunded to your account.
  • When you call, make sure to ask a cancellation number from the agent. It will help you as evidence if you face any difficulties in the future regarding this.

What are you waiting for? Dial our Geek Squad support number +1-234-234-2345 now and reach our c-level executives now. As an alternative, use our Geek Squad tech support, live chat portal or write to us at

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